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Dinner Menu 

Served Wednesday – Sunday 5pm till 9pm



Homemade Soup of the Day, house baked bread – €5.5

Melted Cooleeney Farm Camembert Cheese, breadcrumb, our own cranberry jam – €7.5

Free Range Thai Fried Chicken Strips, sweet chilli dressing, lime – €8.0

Dublin Bay Prawns, coconut and chilli crumb, mango espuma – €8.0

Single malt Whiskey Cured Salmon, cucumber, butter bean puree – €7.5

Boneless Pork Belly Ribs, Asian inspired bbq sauce – €8.5

Gnocchi, shiitake mushroom, parmesan, our own pesto – €7.0



Free Range Chicken Supreme, potato greens, bacon, roast gravy – €19.0

Fish pie, Dublin Bay prawns, smoked coley, hake, salmon, puff pastry, lava salt, vegetables – €19.0

Pan Fried Salmon Darne, giant pearl couscous, parmesan, asparagus, green pea, Paddy’s organic parsley oil – €19.0

Thai Massaman Curry, spinach, sugar snap peas, green beans, white boiled rice, chilli (medium spice) – please choose from Free Range Irish

Chicken €19, Dublin Bay Prawns €19.0, Roasted Cauliflower €16.0, Tofu €16.0

Ted’s select Irish Beef Burger, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, roast red pepper relish, mayo, skinny fries( we add the bacon and

cheese through the burger and cook it sous vide ) – €15.0

More over page….

Japanese Teriyaki Soba Noodle Stir Fry, green beans, peppers, chilli – please choose from Free Range Irish Chicken €16.0, Dublin Bay Prawns €16.0, Roasted Cauliflower €14.0, Tofu €14.0

10oz Hereford Striploin or Ribeye Steak, wild mushroom and shallot ragout, creamy mashed potato, peppercorn sauce or garlic butter €26.0




Crème Brulee, – €6.5

Tiramisu, vanilla ice cream – €6.5

Chocolate Fondant, honeycomb, salted caramel ice cream – €7.5

(please allow up to 15 mins as these are baked to order)

Affogato, vanilla ice cream, espresso – €6.5 add Baileys €2.0

Selection of Ice Cream – €5.0


Tea €2.0, Americano €2.5, Cappuccino €3.0, Latte €3.0, Irish Coffee €6.5


Some of today’s suppliers: Steaks are Irish Hereford, minced beef is local Black Angus from Ted Palmer in Two pothouse, pork is also from

Ted and was reared by himself near Hazlewood, microleaf from Malachy in Annabela Farm Mallow.

Chicken as always Free Range and Irish. Thank you for your custom.

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