About Us

Established in 2010 and trading as Peppers until recently here at 1584 at The White Deer we believe that good food should be for everybody. We’ve evolved into something a little different. We’re intent on building real community through real food. We do this by forming genuine trusting relationships with our farmers and suppliers and serving food that embraces the seasons.

We have made a commitment to our community to use only ethically produced meat and fish hense our #happyfarmtofork hashtag. We believe that our food should be raised and produced as naturally as possible and with respect. There is a

massive lack of transparency in our food system and we’re out to change that.

Real food is better for you
Real food tastes better.
Real food is raised and produced by people in our communities.
Real food is produced with respect.

Being mindful about where your food comes from and of how it’s produced is a no brainer. We know it, you know it, even your great grandparents knew it.
We would love for you to join and help us along the way. The more people that we can get to like and share our social posts and the more people that can join our newsletter the further we will go. Spread the word….